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Whatever your bakery product, there’s one ingredient that will always make your success smell sweeter. Locust bean gum (SEEDGUM®) not only allows moisture retention, but it improves shelf life too. Our proteins (SEEDPRO®) ad fibers (SEEDFIBERTM) will provide natural solutions to increase plant-based proteins or fibers to a vast range of baked products. With a SOLMIX® tailored-made solution, we can develop together the right system for your next baked-delicacy. A tasty benefit for both you and your consumer. application areas in the Bakery include:

  • Cakes & Pastries
  • Cookies & Biscuits
  • Breakfast Products
  • Bread & Rolls
  • Meringues & Foams
  • Pasta
  • Water-based fillings



SEEDGUM® is completely natural and is one of the most used thickeners in the food industry, thanks to its unique functional properties and manufacturing process. 


Is a natural plant-based protein, extracted from the carob seed through a 100% chemical-free production process. It is a light-yellowish free flowing powder, suitable for gluten-free meals, plant-based diets, energy bars, bakery products, vegan applications.

SEEDPRO® is a high protein food source in nutritional products such as protein bars, which also has emulsifying power, ideal for dairy alternatives.


Is a natural plant-based fiber, extracted from the carob seed through a 100% chemical-free production process. It is a yellowish-brown free flowing powder, composed from soluble and insoluble fibers. Suitable for gluten-free & grain-free meals, plant-based diets, and vegan applications.


Our SOLMIX® Team designs, develops and produces functional systems with stabilizing and texturizing systems of emulsifiers, hydrocolloids and other functional ingredients.


CITRIFIBER™ is made from citruspeel by products, making it one of the most sustainable high fiber options in the food industry.

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