A water-binding product used for food and beverages.

Our SOLPECTIN™  comes from the dietary fibers found in citrus fruit rinds. They are used in multiple applications to stabilize, thicken and gel food, beverages and cosmetics.

Discovered over 200 years ago in the cell wall of plants and used as a natural part of our diet, pectin can bind cells together to create a setting agent.

The specialized extraction process of our SOPECTIN™ is designed to ensure the accuracy and quality in the production of high methoxyl, low methoxyl and standardised varieties. This maintains the natural and consumer friendly elements so that SOLPECTIN™ can produce tailor made solutions and applications across food, beverages and cosmetics industries.


Our SOLPECTIN™ provides a thickening solution for frozen foods and beverages, which maintains the desired texture and melting sensation.

SOLPECTIN™ application areas in the Frozen Desserts Segment include:

  • Frozen desserts
  • Ice cream
  • Frozen beverages
  • Sorbets & sherbets

SOLPECTIN™ is the main stabilising ingredient across fresh dairy products, from spreadable cheese to fresh cream, milk drinks, puddings and desserts.

SOLPECTIN™ application areas in the Dairy Segment include:

  • Desserts
  • Gelatin free preparations
  • Fermented products

As it forms a gel, SOLPECTIN™ is used in a different range of jelly and fruit productions to improve texture and stability.

SOLPECTIN™ application areas in the Fruit Preparation Segment include:

  • Jams & Jellies
  • Fruit fillings for bakery
  • Fruit glazing for tarts & cakes
  • Yogurt fruit preparations

Developing high quality soups, sauces and dressings, SOLPECTIN™ is a natural way to provide a unique home made like texture.

SOLPECTIN™ application areas in the Dressing and Sauce Preparation Segment include:

  • Ripples, toppings & sauces
  • Ketchup

LBG’s thickening, stabilising and gelling solutions allow bakery goods to have a longer shelf life, SOLPECTIN™ also maintains texture and moisture.

SOLPECTIN™ application areas in the Bakery Preparation Segment include:

  • Glazes & coatings

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