Not to brag (well, maybe just a little) the LBG Sicilia Locust Bean Gum Plant is the most modern and automated plant in the world, offering the widest range of locust bean gum varieties, including organic, to over 90 countries.

A fact that officially makes us the largest locust bean gum manufacturer worldwide. Here’s a quick look at how we’ve done it:

  • First constructed in 2001, expanded and upgraded in 2013 and 2021 
  • Locust bean gum production capacity of 7,000 tons per year 
  • Carob seed silos storage capacity of 2,000 tons 
  • 100% chemical-free process 
  • Guaranteed contamination-free process 
  • 100% traceability made possible by a dedicated software and a high number of seed silos for maximum safety 
  • New automatic packaging and palletising process 

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