Every innovator needs an inspiring place to work, and a state-of-the-art R&D center is ours.

Including chemical, physical, microbiological and applications labs, plus pilot plants, it’s where we design and develop innovative food stabilizing texturant solutions for functional food systems across a variety of applications. Here’s a flavor of why it’s such a game changer:  

  • A total surface of almost 1,000 sqm 
  • Sophisticated pilot plants for ice cream, frozen desserts, dairy, sauces and dressing 
  • Industrial ice cream continuous freezer 400 l/h 
  • Industrial cooker for heating, cooling under pressure/vacuum 
  • High pressure homogeniser 250 bars 2 steps 
  • Dispersion equipment 
  • LAB blenders 1 l 
  • Test kitchen 
  • Bakery test laboratory
  • Small amounts/trial order blender (same as automated industrial blender that replicates the trial orders exactly) 

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